FLOWTITE is a fibreglass (FRP/GRP) pipe product with a continuous service history since the 1960s. Today the product is manufactured in over 20 locations around the globe, and the product is in service in every corner of the world.

The pipe is manufactured using a highly automated, continuous process to ensure product quality and consistency, and the product has been so successful that it is largely unchanged since its initial development.

Maskell has been supplying FLOWTITE pipe to New Zealand projects since 2005, in addition to 40 years of FRP pipe manufacture in New Zealand – an enviable history.  Maskell is the New Zealand agent for FLOWTITE pipe and our local knowledge and experience, combined with FLOWTITE technology, provide a great solution for any complex pipeline project.

FLOWTITE pipe is proven globally in irrigation, hydropower, water and wastewater applications, up to DN4000 (4.0m) diameter and in pressure up to PN32 (32 bar to DN1800). It provides a non-corroding alternative to steel, ductile iron and concrete pipe that fits alongside other plastic pipe products and fills the gap in the higher pressure and larger diameter applications.